Data Science with Daniel

Build. Share. Learn.
We seek to build a community of Data Scientists, so that we can share our passion and learn together.
We do this by bringing everything and everyone together in one place; Data Science with Daniel.
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We create open source projects that anyone can contribute to, helping people to take the leap in starting to code in a collaborative environment.

These projects are often to support the community, or to take an idea and create something that others can find value in.

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We support anyone on their Data Science journey by providing an environment where they can ask questions, find answers and connect with others.

Join the Discord server to connect with the others or catch the streams on Twitch to be part of sharing knowledge amongst the community.

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We help anyone to learn through \n, which is the newline character. This reflects the beginning of something new for those who are just getting started, a place where anything is possible.

You will always be writing a new line of code as you learn and develop new skills.

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A static website built using React that serves as the landing page for all Data Science with Daniel activities and initiatives



Beluga is a Python library that provides easy access to all of the metrics you need in your classification tasks. We were inspired by a friendly Beluga whale to help others in their Machine Learning projects.



A Discord bot built using Python that helps manage the Data Science with Daniel community such as organising the tutoring service to match tutors with those looking for help



The chop app is your kitchen assistant! Track all of your inventory, from fruits to snacks, always knowing what you have available in your kitchen.

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